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Dear David and Carmen,



On behalf of Yew Chung and all the teachers and students who participated in the Barcelona program this year, I would like to thank you both for all the time and effort you put into planning all the details of our visit.  On a very personal basis, I would like to extend my own appreciation to you and your team for the very warm and gracious welcome you gave us and for making each of us feel at home.  It was a wonderful experience, and I know all of us felt a little sad when it was time to leave.  We came as colleagues, but we left as friends.....that is how we all felt.  Thank you.


Your new school is beautiful, and we did enjoy walking around and seeing all the facilities you have at the school.  Indeed, you have a school of which you can be very proud.  It is imaginatively designed and impressively fitted out.  Certainly your teachers and students must be very happy to call Padre Damian their home.


The students were very happy with the integration, and the teachers were impressed with all the activities that you had planned and organized. 

Thank you both so much for making our visit special and memorable and something we will all treasure for a long time into the future.


With kind regards, Edward


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